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How to use and Download cheat engine 6.4 for android ,mac and windows


Cheat Engine is an open source tool designed to help you with modifying single player games running under window so you can make them harder or easier depending on your preference, but also contains other usefull tools to help debugging games and even normal applications.

Cheat Engine


Cheat Engine can help you save some time and cut corners on a few video games. It's a great option if you're into a game but don't want to invest more time in the game than you have to offer.


For downloading cheat engine you have to just click below so you can easily redirect in 5 second to download page .

For Windows :

Download Cheat Engine

For Mac :

Download Cheat Engine

For Android :

Download Cheat Engine

After Installing You Might have a question that How can we use it ? Now That's a question that every new user will face . Now I am going to explain you step by step tutorial how can you use cheat engine to hack games . keep calm follow below step .

Step 1 : First of all , All you have to do is Downloading a cheat engine .  I hope You have Downloaded a Cheat engine for your particular OS . If You have doses not download yet Then first of all download it . You can download it by following upper link for your particular OS.

Download Cheat Engine
Download Cheat Engine

Step 2 : Now I assume That You have successfully Installed The Cheat engine now , Then Start Game . I am starting Plannet vs Zombies . By following Link :

Step 3 : Now Download Game. I download This By following 

Download Planet vs Zombies
Download planet vs zombies

Step 4 : Now After Downloading This Game All You have to do is run this game .

Download and open planet vs zombies

Step 5 : Now After Opening This Game , Run Cheat Engine and click on open process icon as show in below screen shot .

Cheat engine Scan
Cheat engine Scan

Step 6 : From The Opening process click on plants vs. zombies.exe and click on open.

click on open
click on open

Step 7 : Now You have to select the value that you want to change . Now click on First Scan.


Step 8 : Now change the value that you want to change .  For example change the value from 25 to 100 and click on address manually button .

change value
change value

That's it .! You are done . Now as you accept from us can we use cheat engine manually ? yes , we can . Follow below step .

Step 1 : After selecting the process you have to enter the value that you want to change . Enter it in value field .

change value
change value

Step 2 : Double-click on the value. In the example, it's 100. When you double-click on the value, you have the option below in the “Add Address Manually” table. Now double-click on 100 in the "Add Address Manually” table.

change value
change value

Step 3 : Change the value. In the Change Value window, for example, change 100 to a huge value like 99999999, and click “OK." Double-check your new value in the game. In Plants vs. Zombies, for instance, there are now 9999999 suns.

change value
change value

That's it You are done , But We are having some Warning for you . As you know This is Hacking Software and Hacking = Risk . So Must Read Below Warning Before you Actually use This Software..

1 : Never choose more than one value from the left box as it may close down your Internet.

That's all about Cheat engine . Keep Reading keep Hacking . 

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Hardip Parmar
How to use cheat engine : A complete Hacking tool for beginners Download Now ?
Hello friends..!! Welcome to HackHackers..!!

Are you a beginner in Hacking ? You want tool that easily hack your games and gives you cheat am i right ? Then This cheat engine will help you below is a some more topics  that will help you to know more about cheat engine .



You can use cheat engine by different purpose like

                         Download Cheat Engine

To know more about click on this topic it will redirect you to official website.
Little bit About Speed Hack :

The speedhack lets a user speed up or slow down a game.
Useful for games where you have to be quick, or when you have a long walk ahead of you and don't want to waste time
One myth is that the speedhack can speed or slow down physical occurrence like download speed, or the speed other people connected to the server experience time. It does not.
If you're interested in how it works, check out Speedhack internals

Cheat Engine does not and can not speed up internet times. Tutorials about doing so simply trick your downloading software into thinking that your internet times are better. It does this by telling you to slow down your downloading software, and when the software is slowed down, the software has a longer idea of what a "second" is(setting your software to half would make it think it's double, etc). 

This means that more data is downloaded in the software's "second" as opposed to a real second, making the software think that a lot more data is being downloaded in a shorter amount of time than actually is being and the software will show a faster download time when the real download time is a lot slower. As this happens, the user will think that the software is downloading faster when it isn't.
Google Chrome runs plugins in a sandboxed environment, blocking file access, including loading the speedhack-i386.dll file. For 6.2 you can use the forced injection plugin to load the speedhack, but this plugin has not been ported to 6.3 yet. For those that do wish to use speedhack on chrome, launch chrome with the parameter "-no-sandbox". Obviously chrome will bitch about this, but you will be able to use the speedhack without a problem

That's it friends ..!!  Share your experience with this software in the comment box..!!


Hardip Parmar
10 technology trends that will rule Asia in 2016
Hello friends..!! Welcome to HackHackers..!!

2015 is almost over and this time is to wait for 2016 , but as we are technology lovers we  are excited about new technology that will rule whole asia in 2016 . Want to know this Top 10 technology trends ? Keep calm we are here to give you This trends ..!! I request all of our readers to look for our previous article before moving forward .

1.Folding phones arrive

Samsung will keep pushing the envelope on displays (a la the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge.) Slick videos show that a plastic tablet-sized display can fold into a phone before getting tucked back into a shirt pocket. With the South Korean giant desperate to reverse a slide in earnings, 2016 may be the year this long-gestating technology gets unfurled.

2.Watch those Chinese technology IPOs

US investors will tire of opaque Chinese stocks, so tech companies instead choose to list at home. The government's just re-opened a spigot choked off during the summer's market crash, jolting awake dozens of companies stalled on the IPO runway. Newly minted unicorns realize they can get a better deal from cashed-up, hungry Chinese than picky foreigners.

3."Baxi 2016"

Meaning "Brazil 2016," the search term embodies China's growing love of international sports and its boom in online and streamed content -- both the licensed and unlicensed variety. Hosting the summer Olympics, Brazil videos and blogs will dominate a billion Chinese phones come August, six years before the country hosts the 2022 winter games.

4.Chinese chip ambitions grow

Carrying on a theme from 2015, expect China to keep snapping up semiconductor technology across the globe. Companies like Tsinghua Unigroup and China Resources Holdings Co are already making a splash in the sector and, with President Xi Jinping keen to create national champions, there are more deals on the way.

5.Virtual reality heats up

Samsung, Sony and HTC join Facebook's Oculus in the virtual reality space. Gaming will be the initial focus but it could find other uses going forward.

6.A slumbering Indian e-commerce giant awakes

India's railway monopoly is also its largest online commerce player, with 20 million registered users buying 3,00,000 tickets per day and $2.5 billion in annual sales. It finally upgrades its clunky app and adds a marketplace to hawk more than just railway seats, heeding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to go online, giving Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd and Amazon a run for their money.

7.Asian Moonshots

Japan, India, China and Russia all currently plan missions to the moon. Next year one of them will finalize plans for the first manned lunar trip since American Eugene Cernan stepped back onto Apollo 17 in 1972. Unmanned missions are scheduled, but landing a robot just ain't the same as a human planting a foot and uttering something profound.

8.Jack Ma updates relationship status with government

The Alibaba chairman's policy for dealing with the government is to fall in love but not marry. We'll see. As his company ventures ever farther beyond e-commerce into finance and media, it will run smack into thorny issues like politics. How the Alibaba-owned South China Morning Post handles anniversary coverage of the Tiananmen Square massacre will show whether Ma's having a fling with the government...or putting a ring on it.

9.Indonesia births its first unicorn

Southeast Asia has minted a few startups in the billion-dollar club but Indonesia with a population of more than 250 million is glaringly absent. That should change in 2016 when interest surges in its bustling startup scene and flourishing economy. The smart money's on e-commerce with Tokopedia, backed by Masayoshi Son's SoftBank, as the favorite.

10. Bitcoin's creator finally steps forward. For reals.

In 2014 it was a retired Californian engineer, in 2015 a Sydney businessman. In 2016 some other previously unknown personage will get identified as the mysterious creator of the crypto-currency, known only by his nom de plume Satoshi Nakamoto.

Sleuthing points to a Chinese hacker determined to disrupt currency markets, then a Venezuelan pageant contestant seeking world peace; but our tip is that a Japanese middle-school science teacher -- whose name really is Satoshi Nakamoto -- will step forward to explain he just wanted an easier way to buy Pokemon cards.


Hardip Parmar
Download Best Hacking - Scanning software free of cost
Hello friends..!! Welcome to hackhackers..!!

In this post i will share you some excited software for scanning . I will not write any thing because it's download time  . So download now below software.

DOWNLOAD 1st Email Spider

Download Active who is

Download Big brother

Download Caller Ip  

Download  DNS enumerator 


Download Domain name analyzer 


Download IP locator 


Download Email Tracker


Give your Response with this software in comment box .  

Hardip Parmar
Lean About metasploit for penetration tester PART - 2
Hello friends,..!! Welcome to HackHackers..!!




The msfconsole is probably the most popular interface to the Metasploit Framework (MSF). It provides an “all-in-one” centralized console and allows you efficient access to virtually all of the options available in the MSF. Msfconsole may seem intimidating at first, but once you learn the syntax of the commands you will learn to appreciate the power of utilizing this interface.

With msfconsole, you can access and use all Metasploit plug-ins, payloads, the use exploit modules, post module and so on. MSFCONSOLE interface can integrate to third-party programs as well, such as nmap, sqlmap, etc., can be used directly in msfconsole inside.

To start MSFCONSOLE, you need only type msfconsole on your command prompt window.

When msfconsole is started, you can view all exploits modules, auxiliary modules; all payloads on Metasploit-Framework.

On Msfconsole, there are two options to view the help:
1 )  msfconsole -h   :    displayed in msfconsole initialization

2 ) msfconsole -help -- can be used after entering msfconsole display.

MSFCONSOLE parameter

1 ) Banner --  view metasploit version information, view all modules

2 ) Back -- Used to return.

3 ) chech -- many of the modules do not support the use of this parameter

4 ) color --  set some color command line

5 ) Connect -- Used for remote connection to the host .


6 ) edit -- Edit the current module .

7 ) info -- view information, including the option to take advantage of the conditions, the vulnerability author, you can use the payload, and so on.

8 ) irb --  enter irb script mode, and execute commands to create the script.

9 ) jobs --  can be viewed on msfconsole, you can check which task currently exist, and can choose to end task unwanted.

10 ) kill -- can terminate unwanted processes


11) load/unload --  load/unload a number of plug-in from inside the plug metasploit library

12 ) resource -- run some resource files, some tools, such as Karmetasploit very need this parameter.

13 ) route -- The forwarding agent

 14 ) search -- find modules that you want to use

15 ) Search by name :

16 ) Search by name + type and more 

17 ) set/unset -- setting/un-setting paramter of modules

18 ) show -- show all of the payload, the ese of modules, post modules, plugins and so on

19 ) use -- use module

That's it ..!! Hope you like it..!! If you want more tutorials in metasploit tell me in comment box . 

Hardip Parmar
Introduction to Metasploit for penetration testing
Hello friends ..!! Welcome to HackHackers..!!

Introduction :

Metasploit Framework is a loophole. Its full name is called The Metasploit Framework, referred to is called MSF. As the world's most popular Metasploit tool, not only because of its convenience and powerful, more important is its frame. It allows users to develop their own vulnerability scripts, for testing.

Requirements :

Before using Metasploit, we have to ensure that their equipment can achieve the following requirements, which include both hardware and software.

Hardware : Make sure your computer or VM has reached the following requirements.

Hard disk space : If you want to use Metasploit, first you have to make sure you have 10GB of storage space. Because Metasploit will use some large files. Make sure the time is not in the partition to FAT32 partition type. Because FAT32 does not support large files to run. My suggestion is NTFS, ext3 partitions or other types. My suggestion is that you have the best use of space 30GB.

Memory : Kali on the recommendations of memory to do a lot to explain, in fact, as long as your memory is equal to or greater than 2GB, you can use various versions of the Kali the system.
Before using Metasploit, we have to ensure that their equipment can achieve the following requirements, which include both hardware and software.

Hardware : Make sure your computer or VM has reached the following requirements.

Hard disk space : If you want to use Metasploit, first you have to make sure you have 10GB of storage space. Because Metasploit will use some large files. Make sure the time is not in the partition to FAT32 partition type. Because FAT32 does not support large files to run. My suggestion is NTFS, ext3 partitions or other types. My suggestion is that you have the best use of space 30GB.

Memory : Kali on the recommendations of memory to do a lot to explain, in fact, as long as your memory is equal to or greater than 2GB, you can use various versions of the Kali the system.

Processor : official system explained, as long as the processing speed of the processor is greater than or equal to 400MHz can use Kali system. However, I recommend a minimum of 500MHz

Network Equipment : You can use cat5 interface accessible. Please make sure your network equipment have DHCP, if not, then please assign IP for your own kali. Of course, you can also use a wireless network, but please for your wireless network card installed corresponding driver.
Software : It is recommended that users install two operating systems. One is a kali system, one is a victim of the system or test system. The reason for this is security personnel can easily do some testing.

VM : Our recommendation is to use a virtual machine to run kali system. VMware Player can be said to be the best choice. This software is free, users only need to register to be able to use. Of course, you can also select other virtual machines, but my advice is VMware.

Kali Linux : in front of me did not introduce kali system. Let us talk about this system now. Kali is a linux system package. Kali system is that this system is a little collection of a lot of good security tools, while these tools upgrade. Which also includes the Metasploit. You can download Kali Linux system at:

https: //

Metasploitable  : Maybe you met a lot of linux systems, but do not know how to use those linux vulnerabilities. Fortunately, Metasploit development team is aware of this problem. They produced a Metasploitable system. This system contains a loophole large and small linux is very suitable as a test system. Both to improve technology, but also to "self-obscenity" look. Metasploitable now have second version, here is the download address.

Introduction to Metasploit structure : 

Let's look at a picture below. Because professional terminology more, some key terms I will not translate, to prevent the impact of articles and academic correctness.

System files and libraries

MSF system files via a very intuitive way arrangement, and unfolded the way through the catalog. Now I say it describes each directory.

data directory: inside the store some files can be edited, mainly to use Metasploit
documentation directory: MSF provide some introductory documentation, etc.
external directory: source files and third-party libraries
The main part of the MSF framework: lib directory
modules directory: MSF module storage location
plugins directory: storage Metasploit plugin
scripts directory: storage Meterpreter Code (shell code) or other script files
tools directory: Various useful command-line tool


 1.Rex Library
     - The most basic form
     - network sockets, network application protocol client and server implementation, logging                       subsystem
     - SSL, SMB, HTTP, XOR, Base64, Unicode
2. Msf :: Core Library
    - provides some basis for comparison of the API interface
    - In order to define the framework of the MSF
3. Msf :: Base
   -provides some additional and simple API interface

Module and location

  • The main Metasploit module position in the /usr/ share/metasploit-framework/modules/directory.
  •  Generally user settings   ~/.msf4/modules/

Metasploit Object Module

In MSF inside, all the modules are conducted through written language ruby
That's it friends..!! If you have any doubt then you can share your comments below ..!!

Hardip Parmar
How to down any website using cmd ?
Hello friends ..!! Welcome to HackHackers .!!

Many Time you have listen the name name ddos attack . Ddos attack is very famous in Hackers. Every site just give information about ddos attacks but at hackhackers we are not going to give lot of introduction but we are going to learn how you can simply down any website by just using few commands of your cmd we can also do this attack by linux but commands of linux is not easy for everyone .

What is ddos attack ? How we can use it ? Example

In ddos attack one person or group of persons ( we can call then hackers  ) attack on one website it means they sent many request or packets to site and at one time website is not able to respond every packet or request at that moment website is going to crash or that particular website is going down .

Let's take an example , Suppose you are studying in a University and one day your result is come . many students open that site so every student sent some request to site when this request is more website is not able to respond each and every request so your universities website is going down and it will take some time to show your result.

Without wasting much time we start :

First of all you have to do this open cmd and type the following command .

replace to your targeted website.

Now This time to know your targeted websites ip address . as shown in below image.


After finding the IP address open notepad and write following command.

As shown in below screen shot.

ping -t -l 65500

After finding the IP address open notepad and write following command.

As shown in below screen shot.

Save it as hh.bat remember you have to give this file name with ,bat extension .

After saving go to that file where you saved it. and run it .

By opening it it will display like 'requested time out '

Many time it will execute we have to wait some time. It will work . I am trying to ddos on facebook because of facebook is a very good site we can not down it but we can try it on 
small websites like our schools or colleges website.

For sucessful ddos attack it is necessary to have good and a fast internet connection but it is good advice to do not try it.
For checking that any website is down or not refer below website :

That's it friends ..!! Hope you like it ..!! If you have any doubt then feel free to ask in comment box.

Hardip Parmar
How to Crack WPA/WPA2 Wifi Password without Brute Force Attack on Kali Linux 2.0 linset
Hello friends ..! Welcome to HackHackers ..!!


First of all, commented That this is a project for educational purposes Have That served to me (and hopefully others) to be more in touch With the world of programming and Wireless. It is prohibited under any Circumstances Use this tool in the foregin Wireless Networks!



  • Scan the networks.
  • Select network.
  • Capture handshake (can be used without handshake)
  • We choose one of several web interfaces tailored for me (thanks to the collaboration of the users)
  • Mounts one imitating the original The FakeAP
  • A DHCP server is created on FakeAP
  • It Creates a DNS server to redirect all requests to the Host
  • The web server With the selected interface is Launched
  • The mechanism is Launched to check the validity of the passwords That Will Be Introduced
  • It deauthentificate all users of the network, hoping to connect to FakeAP and enter the password.
  • The attack will stop after checking the correct password
Are Necessary tengais installed dependencies, Which Linset check and Indicate Whether They are installed or not.
Also it is preferable that you 'still keep the patch for the negative channel , Because if not, you will Have to attack Correctly complications relizar

$ Chmod + x linset
$ ./linset




That's it friends ..!! Credit goes to :

Hardip Parmar