How To Make Google Chrome Faster For Web Browsing ?

Make Google chrome Faster 

Google chrome is a freeware web browser developed by google
Now How To make google chrome faster for web browsing ? Here Is a answer .

Sometimes slow web web browsing is real headache to us & it is also irritate to us . If Your Internet is fast enough , but you can not receive good speed , this could be a result of your sluggish web browser . To solve this problem We are here To give you some tips & tricks to make google chrome faster .

Google' Prerendering suggestion To Make web pages load faster .

Google Explains the method of prerendering the links that can make your google chrome faster . Actually , While Browsing , Chrome predicts the link you might click and it prepares them to load instantly for you . For example If You Have A web page and there is a read more or next page link , Google Chrome intuitively prerenders the webpage and serves it instantly as you click on it . 
You can enable it . some confusion ?

Let's look At Direct Trick forgot this .

Step 1 : click on  
              This Symbol in chrome . Located At Top Right Corner in                 chrome .

Step 2 : Go To setting and then click on advance settings .

step 3 : Now In The Privacy section check Prefetch resource to load              pages more quickly .

How To Make Google chrome Faster In mobile ? (Android ) : 


Step 1 : Tap On the chrome menu and open setting .

Step 2 : Under Advanced , find Privacyand open it .

Step 3 : Now Look for the  option prefetch page resource .

Step 4 : You Have A Following option , choose the desired one to                 make your google chrome faster .

  • Always : Chrome Will always preload webpages  even when You are using mobile data . This way ,you may end up using a large chunk of mobile data .
  • Only WI-FI : Chrome will only preload webages on wi-fi network.this is the default option .
  • Never : If You are using a very limited data plan , select this to stop google chrome from preloading the webpages .

Using Speed Up Extension for google chrome faster ?

Here Are Some Help full extension that makes google chrome faster.

  1. The Great Suspender : It Is Most popular extension & it stop chrome from killing your PC by eating tons of RAM . This extension suspends the unused tabs in chrome , saves your PC juice and makes google chrome faster .Click here to download it .
  2. Better Browser : This extension makes web browsing on google chrome about 10 % faster by using simple here to downlaod it .

Using Simple methods to make google chrome faster :

  1. Type chrome://plugins/ in URL box and disable the unnecessary plugins as they make chrome slower .
  2. Type chrome://extension/ in URL box and delete the extension that are unnecessary or not in use for long time .
  3. Type chrome://settings/clearbrowsingdata and clear browsing history from begining (Unchecked catch images and files and other below options). 


That's It Friends .

Any query ? If You Have any doubts then please comment i will try my best to solve you problems .