How to make a virus using JPS virus maker software ?

Do you want to make a virus ?

Without doing so much hard work ?

If yes , then you are at right place ..

Now First of All You Have To download Software called JPS virus maker . It is created by Arash Veyskarami.

CLICK HERE To download JSP virus maker . Or you can just google it & You can easily find this software on google .

Now After You download this software , just open it.

Then You show a window like this .

Now this software is very user friendly . easy to use , and important is ,  it save your time .

You Have To just tick mark on option which you want to add in your virus .

Suppose   Do you want to make a virus that disable victim's monitor . it's easy just tick mark on Turn off monitor option and press create virus button . then you show a file that is created in your JPS folder .

Now just send to your victim and Enjoy  .
Same as above you can also make multi task virus that can perform multiple task .

It is simple .It is ?

That's It friends ..!!!

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