What Is Keylogger Attacks ? How It Is Working ?

Keylogger :

keylogger are tools that enables attackers to keep a record of the victim's activity . Once they installed , they can be used for many different spying purpose by recording all keystrokes made on the victim's system in predefined log file.This file can be configured to be automatically emailed to an email address predefined by the attacker .


Keyloggers are used to :

  • Record all keystroke
  • Steal password and other Intellectual Property
  • Capture Screen shot
  • Record Instant Messenger conversations 
  • Privacy Invasion
  • Play Pranks    

How Keylogger works ?

Keyloggers originally began as a tool for playing pranks on unsuspecting individuals but they soon began to be used for a number of more malicious purpose . The working of keylogger is as follows :

  1. The keylogger is installed on the target victim through deceit or disguise .  
  2. After being installed , the keylogger begins to record keystroke or screenshot in predefined location. The recorded information is taken automatically emailed to a predefined email address on regular interals . 
Hence , There are many way to create a key logger & use It .  We will see it in some other post .

Now In some case you make keylogger or use keylogger so here is some tips 


  • Try to check the antivirus bypassing guide if some antivirus program is stopping  Keylogger.
  • Gmail is suggested when you set the keylogger to send log reports since it's a powerful as well as stable email service provider.
  • Set the Email sending interval more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, you may not get any log email because an oversize attachment.

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That's It . It Is about Basics of keylogger & how it is works ..

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