How google will help you in study during your important exam ?

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In today's world every  one has a problem but in  student's life there is only one problem . yes, it's called exam . Assume that you will be very prepared for your tomorrow's exam and you want to give practice test now what will you do ? you don't have a enough time to find such test related to your subject . now then , how you find your sample test for exam ?

Whenever you need to study for an important exam in college or high school, just google “site:edu [subject] exam”, and then you’ll get links to tonnes of sample exams with solutions and everything.

Here's an example:

Google search this exact phrase: site:edu python exam

This is what Google will surface.

Click one of the top links, such as this one, to see a practice test.

That's friends...!! Hope it will help you a lot during your exam ..:-)