How to hack BIOS passwords ?

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BIOS passwords are the basic setting on your computer , such as how many and what kinds of disk drives you have  , which ones are enable and which one are disable and which one are use for booting.
These setting are held in CMOS chip on the mother board . A tiny batery keeps this chip always running so that whenever you turn on your PC off, it will remember  it's instruction.

A common method of entering the BIOS is pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Esc or only Ctrl + Esc . Most computers have a BIos which which can be configured to ask for a password as soon as the computer is switched on , A dialog box welcomes you  and ask for your password.You can not override this and there and there is no way to disable  it because to enter the BIOS  you need to know BIOS password. SO, what you do ? disable it by Hacking onto BIOS setup ? But there is catch . To disable the BIOS password , you need to enter the BIOS.But as soon as you enter the BIOS , the BIOS ask for password . The most common  password of overriding  this password prompt is by trying out some default BIOS password some common password are :

  • lkwpeter
  • j262
  • BIOstar
  • AMI
  • Award
  • bios 
  • BIOS
  • setup
  • cmos
  • SMI?SW1
  • AMI?SW1
  • password
  • hewittrand
'j262' open most version of AWARD BIOS it works about 80 % of the time.  'AWARD_SW' and "AWARD_PW' works on somme computers as well, but less often. In some BIOS +s y x z also works.There are various BIOS out there and each BIOS has various versions.So, in order to find out the default password of a particular Bios , one can go to the site of  a particular company.

The company name and version of the BIOS is display on the screen each time the system boots.

If the default password did not work , then get ready to for some serious hacking . Try to reset the BIOS to it's default settings so that it ask for no password at all. Do the following:

First, you have to open the CPU and then look for a round lithium battery, it probably looks like a silver coin . So, remove the battery and after 30 seconds , put it back.Some PC may also require to reset jumper , so look  for a 3-pin jumper and reset it. For example, one most machines you find a three-pin device with pins one and two jumpered .If you move the jumper to pins two and there and leave it there for over five seconds, it will reset CMOS .

When you boot the machines , some BIOS may give an error saying that the BIOS was reset or tampered with, but there is not such a big problem.

Messing with CMOS chip and the jumper is more dangerous than editing system files. So, do every thing with utmost caution. 

On many computers a series of keystroke may crash the password program . To try this , boot the PC and wait for the password prompt, then keep pressing ESC 50-100 times.This will will result in the crashing  password program  and the computer will continue booting. However , this might work on only selected machine.

There's yet another pretty easy solution to the BIOS password problem . It is program called killcomos or  there are many programs available on the internet but it is really lame to use someone's else's software for hacking and then yourself hacker. mind my words make your own hacking software and then hack it. that's why i don's upload any software related to hacking on this site.

That's it . Hope it help you.

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