How to hack clash of clans ? Best Tips to become excellent coc player

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Today , In this Article we are not going to Hack something but i will give you best tips that  will help you in your gaming and you know the very popular game " CLASH OF CLANS".


1: Build as many resource collectors and storage units as possible.

Android Central emphasized the importance of resource collectors and storage units, since "Clash of Clans" is a resource-based strategy game. While most players place priority in building their armies and plundering villages, the smart "Clash of Clans" gamer will concentrate on resources.

Android Central suggests building the maximum amount of Gold and Elixir collectors allowed by the Town Hall, and to frequently level those collectors up. Same rules apply for resource storage collectors. 
One of the advantages of maximizing resource collectors and storage units is that gamers will be able to level up their Town Hall quicker, as well as afford the Town Hall upgrades. In addition, they will not have to wait as long to plunder and pillage.

2: Shields up !

If 40 percent of a gamer's town is destroyed or Town Hall is on its last legs, the player will get a 12-hour shield. In addition, an extra four hours is allotted if the base is truly in disrepair. During this down time, it is probably best to work on your economy, build-up troops, and even upgrade towers, since they do not fire while upgrading, states iMore.
Remember not to go out and start attacking other bases, until everything is repaired or improved, as attacking will cancel out the shield. However, if a battle is what a player seeks, try Clan Wars, since it does not affect shield timers at all. 

3: Don't let opponents spawn inside the village.

Letting opponents spawn inside the village may give them the upper hand. To prevent this from happening, make a zero-gap base. Android Central explains that there should be no gaps in the white spaces that appear when one is building or moving buildings around. 
Placing building outside the walls and keeping the gaps between the white spaces in mind will force opponents to travel farther in order to reach the base, giving the player time to weaken their defenses. 

4: Strategize before attacking.

Before rushing in and pludering a village, a smart "Clash of Clans" gamer will look at their opponent's Town Hall level, since a lower level than theirs will mean a smaller amount of spoils. When looking for an opponent, one must at least get back the resources used in the attack, advises iMore.

It is also important to know which resources are the target, in order to better strategize how to get them. Be mindful of the fact that gamers can not directly control your troops, so it is best to know each unit's favorite target. 

5: The ultimate hack :

If all else fails, there are cheats, which will not help gamers in battle, but may prepare you better.AndroidHack4u has developed a tool that will literally hack "Clash of Clans" for them. It will give gamers unlimited amounts of coins, elixirs, and gems. Unfortunately for iOS users, this hacking tool is only for Android devices.

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