How to repair corrupted memory card / USB Hard drives ?

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Today in this computer world everything is base on data transfer that you made through the portable memory storage device that are memory card, pendrives and Hard drive. But sometime due to some viruses and improper ejection of these drive lead to corruption of these drive. And in that case windows does not properly formatted. And no data get copy and paste in that drive. So to resolve this issue we are here with a trick for How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive. By this method you can easily repair your drive and can use it.

This method is based on a simple command prompt trick that will forcely format your external drive and then after that you can use it. But firstly note that this will delete your all files from USB pendrive and if you have any of important data in then use recovery tool to restore these data before implementing this method. So just follow the simple steps that i have discussed below


Let's go with step by step instruction :

STEP 1 : First insert Memory Card/USB Hard Drive with your computer through your USB port and remove all other drives if you have connected.

STEP 2 : Now open my computer and note down the drive letter of your USB or memory card.

STEP 3 : Now click on start and then type cmd and then press enter.

STEP 4 : Now type DISKPART in command prompt and pop up might appears asking for permission, click ok.

STEP 5 : Now type list disk there and you will see all the disk will get listed there.

STEP 6 : Now there you will see your external drive, note down its disk number.

STEP 7 : Now type select disk disk_number (for exp select disk 4) and press enter.

STEP 8 : Now type clean and press enter.

STEP 9 : Now type create partition primary and then press enter.

STEP 10 : Now type active and press enter.

STEP 11 : Now enter the command select partition 1.

STEP 12 :Now type  format fs=fat32 and press enter.

That's it it will take some time and after that your drive will get successfully format and become ready to use.

So above is all about How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card/USB Hard Drive.This is very easy method, you can repair any of external hard drive.

Note that disk number selection method is be with full perfection as it can format your internal hard drive with wrong selection of disk number. Hope you like the Article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you have any related queries.

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