How to unlock all websites using Gom VPN ? How to Install Gom Vpn - Bypass and unblock

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All of us are very tired towards the website blocking in college , schools, office or any other places .everyone want to unlock the blocked websites .All of us goes to google and we find something call proxy server . you are now going to use proxy server & you  successful use it . but after few day proxy server is also blocked your schools , colleges , offices. Now it's time for something new. you again search it on google  and you found something . you add a ultrasurf or any related proxy extension and you start to use it . now you web admin also blocked it .

What's Now ?

It's Time for using  GOM VPN 

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Gom vpn will unlock all locked websites in your college , schools or office..

Now i am going to give step by step method so that you can easily install gom and use it.

Step 1 : Go to webstore of any particular browser  or simply search for " gom vpn for browsername" browsername= your browser name which you are currently using .

for CHROME user : click here to download gom vpn

Step 2 : Now you will show window like this.

Step 3 : now click on add.

Step 4 : It will take some time get download . when you show the symbol like this click on it.

Step 5 : you have to log in . gom will give you only 20 minutes for surfing but you can Extends it by inviting your friends..

That's it friends..!! if you face any problem then contact me

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