Top 10 cyber army and their attacks

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In this Article we are going discuss about worlds top Cyber Army and Their Attacks.

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10 ) Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA)  :

It seems that Pakistan is rocking at the Cyber Front too, they got some talented guys in their team. The PCA was in the news recently because their leader Bilal Yakoob, Team Member ( network specialist ) Adil and some other members were caught and send to Jail.

 Attacks :
  •  Hacking Central Bureau of Investigation CBI India.
  •  Defacing 400 Chinese Govt Websites.

Some Of Their Popular Hacker :
  •  Code Cracker

9 ) Bangladesh Cyber Army (BCA) :

Just when it looked like Bangladeshi Hackers have stopped, another attack came from them. This attack was upon the website of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of India.The biggest hacking group of Bangladesh which is Bangladesh Cyber Army was behind this attack. Not only are they shutting down high profile targets, they are also defacing a number of sites. It has been found that Bangladesh Cyber Army also defaced a number of websites including sites of schools, colleges and media.These guys are great in hiding, their is almost no guy arrested for being a part of BCA.

Attacks  :
  • Hacking 4000+ Websites.
  •  Hacking CBI.
  •  Hacking Texas Based Website.

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  •  No Information

8 ) K9 Network cyber army :

Tough Not as popular, This cyber army gained quick fame when they started defacing Porn sites, K9 Network Cyber Army is one of the smallest but dangerous cyber army, Their Leader "Mahesh Haxor" is quite popular on Facebook and has its name included in most of the Cyber Attacks commenced by K9 NCA.

Attacks :
  • Hacking 600 + USA Websites.
  •  Hacking 1000+ Porn Sites.

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  •  Mahesh Haxor

7 ) 3xp1r3 Cyber Army :

Bangladesh Based Cyber Army, This army gained a lot of reputation when the started hacking a lot of sites including Bank On Houston, US Department of Agriculture and other sites. 3xp1r3 cyber army has defaced more than 1000 websites , as a form of protest against the Innocence of Muslims video. Most Of their Defaced sites include a message : ""Protest Against the shit movie 'innocence of Muslims  created by u.s agencies". 

Attacks :
  •  Hacking a Bank's Website in Huston.
  •  Defacing 600+ Websites saying "Admin, Secure Your Website"

Some Of Their Popular hackers :
  •  rED X

6 ) Indishell :

Due to the numerous attack commenced by Pakistan and Bangladesh, India has also developed its cyber army, named Indishell. Collection of the best hackers, using ordinary equipment's, These guy are one of the most secretive cyber gangs ever formed in the history of internet.

Some Of Their "Work" Include :

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  • Tiger M@te

5 ) MI6 Hackers Team :

We all have seen the James Bond Movies, And the hacking scenes in Skyfall was epic, But MI6 has got some of the best hackers on earth in their team, and they got a sense of humor too. Have you heard that news that MI6 Hackers hacked The Al-Quida Website and changed the bomb-making recipe with Cupcake recipes. Sooo Funny, So yeah, MI6 Hackers Team will gain the 5th spot of top 10 cyber armies countdown.

Attacks  :

  • Swapping Bomb Making Guide With Cupcake Recipe On Al-Quida Website.
  •  Maintaining and Protecting MI6 Databases.

4 ) Team Poison :

The Child of  ZCompany Hacking Crew, founded in 2008 by a 16 year old hacker this cyber gang is one of the most notorious gang in the history of internet. It is being said that this gang contains no more than 10 people, But i gotta say those guys got the balls. On January 2011, unauthorized status updates were posted on Mark Zuckerberg and French President Nicolas Sarkozy's facebook accounts and several other FB pages were defaced, On june 2011,The group published in Pastebin what appeared to be the address book and other private data of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. but this group is known to do some good work too, During 2011 England Riots, The BBM was being used by looters, and Team Poison took them (RIM BLOG) down promising to co-operate with the United Kingdom police and government.

Attacks  :

  •  Hacking NASA Domains.
  • Hacked United Nations Development Programme.
  • Tony Blair address book leak.

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :

  •  TriCk

3 ) Israeli Hackers Team :

Israeli Hackers gains the 3rd spot in our top 10 countdown. The were on the news for Hacking anonymous websites and hurting anonymous members, 2-3 days back, hackers operating under the name of “Israeli Elite” broke into websites in Pakistan and installed images of IDF soldiers and the Israeli flag. 

Attacks  :
  • Defacing Anonymous homepage.
  • Hacking into Pakistan Government Websites.

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  •  EhIrs
  • Israeli Elite

2)  LulzSec "Lulz Security" :

LulzSec Is a group that claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks, including the compromise of user accounts from Sony Pictures in 2011. The group also claimed responsibility for taking the CIA website offline, They got popular for leaving sarcastic messages to their victims after hacking them. Consisting of 7 members, this group got separated according to some rumors.This group method of attack is "SQL Injection" , These guys hacked for fun. They maintain good relations with anonymous but their war with "Team Poison" has being going on for some time. 

  • They leaked several passwords, LinkedIn profiles, and the names of 73,000 X Factor contestants.
  • SQL Injection Attack Against sony pictures.

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  • Sabu : Group Founder And Leader
  • Topiary

1 ) The Anonymous :

Originated on 4chan Image boards, This group is the Mafia and Yakuza Of Internet World. It contains people who strongly hate Internet censorship and surveillance, And love to use DDoS Attacks. They Are also said to be the one of the main sources of Wikileaks, And awarded most influential group by Time. The DDoS attacks are done by using  Low Orbit Ion Cannon software, which users download on their wish, which sends stress signals to the destination directed by Anonymous. This is as close you can get to be an Anonymous member. They are also know to deface Government website like cyber-attacks on the Pentagon. One of their biggest attacks is going on with the name OpIsrael. Anonymous protested what they called the "barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israel.

  • OpMegaUpload (The Largest Attack in History)
  •  Operation Anti-Security (Collaboration With Lulzsec)

Some Of Their Popular Hackers :
  •  Christopher "Nerdo" Weatherhead ( Organizer of Operation Payback)
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