How to create fake whatsapp conversions ?

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In this article we are going to make a fake whatsapp conversions , so that you can prank your friends..!! Well , we have already posted many tips and tricks about how to hack whatsapp and how you can spy any one's account . now we are adding one new tip it's How you can create a fake whatsapp conversion with any one you want . you can read our previous article below :

We are going through step by step procedure so that you can understand well.

STEP 1 :Download WhatSaid.apk

STEP 2 :Now transfer this file to your android device and then install it normally.

STEP 3 :After installing this application you will notice that the app interface looks pretty similar to the WhatsApp one.

STEP 4 :Now you can just name your fake friend and add his image and start creating fake chat conversation.

STEP 5 :Well you can also share the whole chat conversation through facebook or messages, so now share it and have fun.

So Easy . Isn't It ? share it with your friends..!! and don't forget to give your comments..!!