How to make my computer secure ? | The Master Guide By HackHackers

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In this article we are going to discuss how you can secure your pc by some very useful knowledge.

Today everyone has a same problem that how can he/she can secure his/her PC from "HACKERS" . You can read our previous article . it about who is actually Hacker and also i have mention types of Hackers. from my point of view there is only one type of Hackers . it is only one who still awesome info of any particular person or company . so from those computer criminals or we can say "Hackers" how we can save our computer .You can also read our previous article below


suppose i am computer criminal and i want to hack your PC or laptop , so that i can take a  very sensitive information like credit card number , your some very good picture , and very important your facebook and gmail password then what i do ? answer is very simple i will just send you a simple trojan file in your pc to your email address or if you are my friend then i can also direct inject a very good virus called trojan directly through pen drive . now it's time to secure your PC from those trojan files . now it's your turn to secure your important files or documents , your passwords from this "Hacker". that's why you have to choose a good antivirus software that works good and easily find if there is virus or not in your PC. You can also read our previous article Below about virus making .

First thing is : Never, ever turn off the resident protection of your antivirus even if it decreases performance. and please Upgrade if necessary.

second is : Keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the "Do you want to update now" message however often it might pop up.

third is : Even if you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, do a deep scan at least once a month.

fourth and important : Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place.

fifth is : Run a deep scan in safe mode at least once every two months to kill viruses that would otherwise remain hidden.


firewalls is very important in world of security . and by this reason i give you this cool tips . 
first is : If you are unsure about the alert displayed by your firewall, try searching it on the internet.

Second is : A firewall is a powerful tool that requires an understanding of how the program works and exactly what it is doing and whether it is secure or not. Reading the help files is extremely important in successful configuration of your firewall.

third is : If you are running a third party firewall,be sure to turn off the Windows Firewall.

fourth is : You can temporarily disable a firewall by right clicking the icon in the tray. This is handy when you know a site is one you can trust but your firewall is blocking it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible.

fifth is : Read firewall notices carefully when they pop up so that you don't let a bad thing in or prevent good traffic.


First is : You should regularly check for updates. Enable the automatic update feature.

Second is : Remember to do a scan every now and then, or schedule scans if your program allows it. If you don't want to sit that long for scans to complete, use a single folder for all your downloads, then scan only that folder, Windows installation folder and the Registry. Alternately, you can do a quick scan if your program allows it.


First is : Be patient with anti-spam software, it will get better over time.

Second is : Even if it looks that your anti-spam software is working great, periodically check the 'Spam' folder for good mail. None of the anti-spam software is perfect right now.

Third is  : Don't give your anti-spam software too much rules, because it will not learn anything then. It is better if it learns on its own.

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