How to save myself from phishing attacks and xss attacks ?

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Every body knows the definition of phishing and how hackers use it to hack . for our newbie reader i will repeat it . phishing  is method of hacking which is used to hack user name and password of any particular website by same looking site which is of Hacker .


Everyone is expert in doing phishing attacks but very few know about how you can actually stop it . To prevent us from hacking attack there is an extension called Netcraft Extension . which is useful to find phishing website  . so let's look at it .

About Netcraft

The Netcraft Extension is a tool allowing easy lookup of information relating to the sites you visit and providing protection from Phishing.


Detailed site reports – simply click the Netcraft logo to access a wealth of information about the sites you visit, helping you to make informed choices about their integrity.

Risk Ratings – It evaluate the characteristics of the site and compare these against those depicted by fraudulent sites. The result is a simple visual summary displayed on the site report.

 Protection against cross site scripting (XSS) – The extension optionally traps XSS and other suspicious URLs which contain characters with no purpose other than to deceive.

and many more ..

Now , we just SkIp this theory portion and now i will tell you how you can install it and use it .

Now you can go to Netcraft official website by clicking here.
or you can continue with me .

I will give you direct link to download netcraft for your Respected browser . Below is a link .

      Opera                                                  Firefox                                                        Chrome

Now download it for your browser.

When you go to this link you will see a window you have to click on add to button and then it  will download. and added to your browser at right upper sight .Now enable it when the phishing sites  come it will band it . as shown in first image .

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