How to send password protected E-mail using Lockbin ?

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In this article we learn how you can send a password protected mail using lockbin .

Lockbin is a web application for sending private email messages and files. It's free! People use it to send things like credit card numbers or confidential information. Lockbin was built with Hipaa regulations as a primary consideration. Lockbin uses FIPS 140-2 encryption libraries, and takes extraordinary precautions to protect and destroy EPHI.


How does It work ?

No registration is required to use Lockbin. Your message and file attachments (data at rest) are protected by strong AES-256 bit encryption delivered from a FIPS 140-2 verified cryptolibrary. You invent the password and deliver it to the recipient using a phone, text message, instant message, or homing pigeon. Best practice is to NOT deliver the password by email.

  1. Click here to go LockBin online service.
  2. Fill the form with your desired password.
  3. In the text filled write your message. You can also attach a file if you want.
  4. After this, click on Submit button.
  5. Now your password protected mail will be sent. (Receiver will only get a link to your password protected and encrypted email)
  6. When receiver clicks on that link  it will prompt to enter the password otherwise it will not be open.
  7. That’s it! But you have to send password to your friend which can be sent on Mobile number or you can send a normal Email for it.The password protected email is stored in lockbin server itself.

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