The Perl Programming Language Part - 1

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You can not become a good hacker unless you have some programming knowledge.A part of hacking, Perl is useful for developing security related and other programs.


Perl was born in 1987 and was developed by Larry Wall by fusing the UNIX utility awoke with a system administration tool he had developed. Perl’s development has been done on the lines of including all useful and important aspects of another programming languages and removing the not so useful aspects . Perl is interpreted language, that means that Perl code is run as it is and is not compiled like another programming languages. When you first run a Perl program , it is compiled into a byte code, which is then converted into machine instructions.

First of all , before you can start writing your Perl programs, you need ActivePerl , The Perl Interpreter.

DOWNLOAD  from :

After installing ActivePerl ,ensure that the file perl.exe is in your path statement. Although ActivePerl Build 509 sets the path automatically during sets up, just make sure that your path statement contains refers to the files perl.exe by typing “set” at the command prompt ( without quotes).Now, look for the “PATH”  environment variable and make sure that it contains this line ,  but if it does not , then open the file c:\autoexec.bat in notepad  and add following line :


Now you are done.

Let’s write Hello word Program. To write Perl Programs , you do not need any special perl text editor , notepad will do just fine. So open notepad and type :

Print “Hello world\n”; 

Now, save it as “” remember pl is an extension for perl prgramming language . Now go to the DOS prompt and then to the folder in which you have saved above file. Suppose i saved at desktop then


Now let us analysis the program , the world print calls print function that takes the text from within the quotes and display it on the screen . The “\n” symbolizes a new line or the carriage return.Almost all line in Perl end with a semicolon.

That’s it friends..! Now More from Perl  Language will be posting soon .