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You may have heard in recent days of the newest app controversy surrounding Peeple, an app which lets you rate human beings like restaurants or hotels.

It's caused us a chuckle or two for the last days, so we thought we'd cast a glance at some of the other worst apps to ever grace your devices.

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I mean, rating people? The TV show Community has already been there and done that.

I am Important

The iOS app, which was released in 2011, sought to make users feel important by creating fake contacts and diary events. The app also asked you about your day, presumably because no one else would, because you were the type of person who would sincerely download this app.
No words

Will you marry me?

We loath to tell anyone how to propose as it's entirely up to individuals how and if they ever want to do it.

Except for this; do not use this app to propose. This is a line in the sands of society no-one should willingly cross.

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Send me to heaven

This app records how high you throw your phone and places you on a global leaderboard for the highest throws.

Presumably there are hundreds of scores which could not be logged because of the sheer distance the phones were launched, before landing on an unforgiving surface.

It was removed by the Apple App Store, but remains, unfathomably, available on Android devices.


Tweetpee consists of a sensor which you attach to a child's nappie, which will send a tweet to the parent when the child has urinated and the parent has the option to immediately retweet.

While the sensor idea is possibly quite useful to new parents, the tweeting part of the whole procedure is an unmitigated disaster.

No-one wants to know when your child has peed. Also, your child doesn't want to read those tweets later in life and be confronted with the unconquerable banality of their parents.

Electric razor simulator

There's been a number of apps along this line of innovation to befoul both iOS and Android.

If you purchase, with actual money, an app which displays the picture of a razor and buzzes then you need to rethink so so many things.

You won't 'prank friends' with this app, you'll lose them.


The idea of a man checking a woman's menstrual cycle is a little creepy, as there are very few reasons this wouldn't be used as an invasive monitoring tool.

But let's give the app the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's for family planning for hopeful fathers? Somehow?

Here's the app's description of its features:

Trace your girlfriend’s periods
Set a master password for the whole program
Set personal passwords for every girl
Make calls by simply tapping on her name

Oh, ok then, never mind.

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Ghost Radar

Note: Users to date have not discovered any ghosts.

I am Rich

The sole purpose of the app, which cost £599.99, was to show people that you could afford it.

The application was removed from the App Store the day following its release.

"You there! Look at this app I've just purchased!"

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