6 basic/beginner commands to start with linux terminal

Hello friends ..!!! Welcome to HackHackers..!!!

Today many of us are saying Good Bye to windows and we are starting to use linux base OS ( Operating System ) . Many of Us are very well known that " Linux is a Hacker's Favourite OS " but in this post we are not going to discuss a very good command but i am going to explain the basic 6 command briefly . This post is only for  beginners .

1 ) cal ( calendar ) :

--> cal Command is used for displaying a calendar of particular month or displaying the calendar of whole year
--> To use this command type cal and press enter .  It will display like below picture.

--> To display calendar of August , 2020 Just type cal 08 2020.
--> To display calendar of 2020 type cal 2020

Above command is displaying whole year's calendar to displaying one one page type following command , 

cal 2020 | more

In above command more is also a command that follows command from cal . This is happen because of the symbol of pipe ( | ) .

2 ) date ( To get date of computer ) :

--> To get date of system Type : date
--> By using this command you will noticed that this command  is displaying date and time both.

Example 1 : To display only today's date Type : date +"%d"

Example 2 : To display current date and month : date +"%d  %m"

It is easy to get some different outputs using commands following is list :

d - Date of month
m - month of year
y - years last to number
H - hour
M - minute
S - Second
D - To display date in the format of mm/dd/yy 
T - To display date in the format of hh:mm:ss 
Y - Full year
B - Name of month

3 ) bc ( command line calculator ) :

It is used for simply calculate . it means it is an calculator on the terminal just type cal and press enter

We can also use it as scientific calculator .

You can calculate anything after bc command .

Note : for number system use ibase and obase.

You can directly calculate anything on terminal so skip the example . if you want then comment your doubts in below command box . i will give you solution.

4 )  echo ( To display message ) :  

 --> This command is used for displaying a message on terminal.

Example 1 : echo "Hi , We are HackHackers "

Example 2 : 

# x=5 
# echo " The value of x is #x"

5 ) passwd ( To change password ) :

This command is used for  changing the password using terminal.

Example : 


6 ) who (To displaying Information of current user ) :

To display the information of current user just type who and  press enter.

# who am i

That's it friends ..!! Hope you like it..!! In next post i will give you an intro of next directory command .