How to down any website using cmd ?

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Many Time you have listen the name name ddos attack . Ddos attack is very famous in Hackers. Every site just give information about ddos attacks but at hackhackers we are not going to give lot of introduction but we are going to learn how you can simply down any website by just using few commands of your cmd we can also do this attack by linux but commands of linux is not easy for everyone .

What is ddos attack ? How we can use it ? Example

In ddos attack one person or group of persons ( we can call then hackers  ) attack on one website it means they sent many request or packets to site and at one time website is not able to respond every packet or request at that moment website is going to crash or that particular website is going down .

Let's take an example , Suppose you are studying in a University and one day your result is come . many students open that site so every student sent some request to site when this request is more website is not able to respond each and every request so your universities website is going down and it will take some time to show your result.

Without wasting much time we start :

First of all you have to do this open cmd and type the following command .

replace to your targeted website.

Now This time to know your targeted websites ip address . as shown in below image.


After finding the IP address open notepad and write following command.

As shown in below screen shot.

ping -t -l 65500

After finding the IP address open notepad and write following command.

As shown in below screen shot.

Save it as hh.bat remember you have to give this file name with ,bat extension .

After saving go to that file where you saved it. and run it .

By opening it it will display like 'requested time out '

Many time it will execute we have to wait some time. It will work . I am trying to ddos on facebook because of facebook is a very good site we can not down it but we can try it on 
small websites like our schools or colleges website.

For sucessful ddos attack it is necessary to have good and a fast internet connection but it is good advice to do not try it.
For checking that any website is down or not refer below website :

That's it friends ..!! Hope you like it ..!! If you have any doubt then feel free to ask in comment box.