Cell phone tracking : Spy on text messages to ensure the safety of your kid

It’s natural for parents to be finicky and worried about the safety of their kids; it’s a basic human instinct and in today’s world this fear has indeed increased by many folds. With technology advancing at lightning speed and increase in the number of social media channels, our kids are being exposed to the kind of content we could not imagine being exposed to at their age. Only a decade ago children owning cell phones was considered a big deal, but now 5 year olds are seen using a smartphone. Where it is essential to acquaint our children with the latest technology, considering that we are heading towards a tech-dependent world, we can’t really trust them with using technology wisely. Owning a cell phone means that your child has an access to the entire world and they can talk to whoever and whenever they want. While you can’t stop your kids from using a phone these days, what you can do is to keep a check on how they are using it. You can monitor their every move through their cell phones, you can keep an eye on their social circle and what kind of conversations your child is involved in, and that too sitting at home without making an extra effort. If you want to regulate your child’s movements or spy on text messages to ensure the safety of your kid, simply get a hold of their phone and install a cell phone tracking and monitoring app on it.


What is a tracking and monitoring software ?

Before we discuss about how to use a tracking software, let’s first discuss what a tracking app is. As the name suggests, this app is designed to monitor, investigate or keep a check on someone. A lot of innovations have been introduced in this software and currently there are tracking apps that offer a complete coverage of the target phone. The basics of all the tracking apps include: SMS, IM messaging monitoring, call monitoring and recording, access to contacts, emails and gallery, location tracking and internet browsing. Many tracking apps in the market also offer monitoring of different messaging and calling apps like ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Viber’, ‘Line’ and ‘Skype’ and gives an option to even control these apps. Some highly advanced tracking apps also let you record the surroundings of the target device while giving you a complete access to the target phone, including the calendar. Furthermore there are monitoring apps in the market that allow you to specify certain words and locations that when appear on the target phone you get a notification.

How do these apps work ?

Almost all the tracking apps work in both iOS and Android OS. However, it’s easier to install it onAndroid. For iPhone you need to either jailbreak the phone or obtain the iCloud credentials of the target phone. In any case, once you have installed the app in the target phone, it works in complete secrecy without letting the other person know. It does not appear in the menu and works in the background. You can then monitor the target phone through your own phone or personal desktop. Many companies provide you an easily accessible dashboard through which you can check the target phone and get notifications.

Why is important to Spy on text messages to ensure the safety of your kid?

Text message remains as one of the most frequently used mode of communication. As opposed to a message on an online messenger, receiving an SMS from an unknown number is easier. Although we live in a world of 4G and fast Wi-Fi there are times when the internet is not available and communication via SMS is the only option.  Despite of many online messaging apps, text messaging is the most commonly used platform adopted by stalkers to hunt and manipulate young children. So needless to say that before anything else you must keep a check on what kind of text messages your child sends and receives and who they are in touch with. Using a cell phone tracking app you can constantly regulate the text messages of your child. You may also specify certain terms and contacts and every time your child receives a text from that person or a text consisting of the forbidden word you will get an instant alert.

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