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Hello my all viewers , I am pretty  sure that after reading this article you all are released with " Boring Internet speed ' ..!! Hope You are excited ..!!  And please notice it will actually 100% give you good speed .!!

Many of us just tiered of this internet speed , especially my friends from india , pakistan , SL , Bangladesh specifically from asian region For example you cant not watch more  360P Quality in India. if you want to open facebook it will take almost 1-2 minute at least  , now it's era of 4G so i am probably wrong but believe me you are going to get more then that . yes you can there aare lot of option are available where you are allow to use the server of USA .! yes , you read it right you are allowed to use the Internet speed of USA . ok just open a new tab go to google  and type "Internet Speed in Usa  " Here is a result .


Coming back to the point , Let's start what you have to do to get a dream speed . just follow me

To get this speed you need certain things first of all , All you have to need is a Working Internet connection with minimum 516 kbps plan . it will probably give you 40 kbps Downloading  internet speed  i am telling this because i have this speed in my f**k*i*g  Hostel. ok here is some easy step to get this speed ..!!

First of all , Open this website just skip add and you are at the one of the awesome site ever..!!

ok now you are on :


You might got above window just click on chat Now .

After you will see this window.


Just click there you will see  below window just type there whatever you want to browse suppose i want to go for youtube then i will type youtube


 what are you waiting for hit enter and you are on .!!!


Watch 1080 px video without buffering now , That's it my friend please don't forget to comment you experience with this post this will encourage me  to write as awesome post as this was. Still not believing just type "Internet speed in google of this virtual desktop" . Don't tell me thanks just share it with your friends .!!

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