Why does the iPhone need so much less RAM than Android devices?

Apple announced its newest iPhone 6 models with 1GB RAM !!,
 Given that many rival Android smartphones pack in around 4GB to 6GB RAM. Ever wondered why Apple hasn’t gone beyond 1GB RAM,?
Android, or to be precise Java, uses a garbage collection(GC) solution for memory management.
It can be imagined as something that kills memory occupied by processes that are not running over a large interval of time.

To be efficient, GC needs a lot of headroom(ie free ram space). Depending on the type of GC, you really need 2X to 8X more memory than you are actually using to get good performance!!.   When memory is constrained the system slows down dramatically. 

Android keeps all your opened applications alive on RAM, (if there is enough free RAM to do it!).
To android, more RAM means more apps can be kept alive, thus faster switching between apps for the user. "Empty RAM is wasted RAM".
Apple's iOS is optimized to run on the hardware, which is also designed and tested by Apple, and manufactured by Apple's manufacturing partners. iOS will kill any process it thinks doesn't need to be running. Apps that play music in the background or similar can stay alive. 
iOS keeps a tight control on what runs on the background, Android doesn't. Apple Apps are checked for Memory Leaks. While Android's way of keeping background services, receivers, and alarms run in the background is open, it gives developers the control to make apps like Tasker which you cannot possibly find on iOS. 
In short android devices need more ram than their apple counter-partners  the reason? (JAVA , GC )the ios operating system doesn’t need all the extra memory associated with Java and Android, since it was designed to avoid this sort of garbage collection from scratch. Apple need less memory as scheduling and managing its memory in the most efficient way possible.