How Big Cryptocurrency Traders are taking away your money ? | How Telegram Pump and Dump Groups trick you and How you can Join a Genuine Group ? PART - 1

Ever You question yourself How this Group of people who pump a single coin. well it's a group of people who controls the whole process.but let's be fair and i strongly do not recommend this types of group but yes it will be fair to say that they are the only one who are making profit not you.I always wonder how one simple person like me can make profit ? then i try different pump and dump group but eventually i fail.what do you think do i fail ?

I don't Think so .

Admins of that particular group trick me.I'm not talking about a single group there are lots and lots of alt coins pump and dump group available which trick you buy offering you 10x , 20x or even up to 200x and they will portrait that group as genuine one .but what do you think is it really possible ? well, Your answer should be no if you don't know how this actually works .Let me tell you whole working of this pump and dump telegram groups in form of story.

suppose Mr.Andrew have a $10 to invest in Crypto currency but he doesn't have enough information of crypto coins in which i should invest and in this confusion one guy message you like "earn 10x profit within 1 day". Let's be very fair here we all are greedy and we all want to earn quick money and you guessed it right he joined that group and they told him to buy some non-sense coin on particular date and on particular time and they will bombed your telegram with messages like this .

Mr.Andrew is of course going to buy a coin of the admin's choice but what do you think ? Mr.Andrew will ever make profit out of this whole pump ? If you ask me about that i would say certainly YES or depends where he enters into pump.

Let's first talk about successful pump. Here is screenshot of the coin which is told buy admin to buy . coin is XCO - Xcoin .


and here is my trade detail I bought that coin within 2 minutes after admin announced it at 0.0000168

and as you can see i sold XCO at 0.00000175 but can we say it as a successful pump ? of course NOT. In pump each and every member should have earned profit of minimum 30% then and then it is pump but in this case we can not say it is profit. but this means you'll never get profit of this pump and dump group ? Answer is still NO .You will get some profit . now you ask me how ? here is an answer

You Have to Join a genuine group . yeah you will make a profit if you join a group which is genuine one .Here is a example of Genuine group as in form of my trades.

at first glance you think yeah this seems a genuine one but i would say NO -not a single group which is available is a genuine one-* see that date of my trades i got stuck with this coin but yeah that group was a genuine one and they re pumped whole coin so we can walk with our base price. In this case also who do you think made a profit ? You guessed it right "THE ADMINS".they are the only one who are making profit neither do i was able to make profit neither any you understood admin is the one behind all this now again How a single person can pump whole coin ?

I'll answer this question in my next post :-)  Stay tuned.

NOTE : ****

Well there are some GENUINE GROUPS available which do not support this kind of activity i'll provide link of this genuine groups which i have experienced and i found out that they are kind of genuine .one thing to remember free things doesn't always work by joining this groups i'm sure you'll make profit but yes they have some paid groups as well you can join them i'm sure you'll increase  your profit.again i'm not saying you'll loose some money if you join their free groups but yes certainly you'll make some handsome amount of money if you join their paid group :-)




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