Hardip Parmar

Hello..!! I am Hardip Parmar ..!!

I am Founder of This Blog . You are probably here because you just wanted to know that who is a guy behind this blog  HackHackers. Well Its me who have created this blog to just share my little bit knowledge in the filed of information technology.

Basically I am a 3rd year Engineering student in the filed of information Technology . I am Very passionate at computer security , web app developing , web designing .
Well I am not boring men , I also have hobby of reading book, listening song , playing cricket .    

Currently I am Living in changa a small town . Yes , You have a question that why i am living in this village ? answer is My college is there in this small but beautifull town . Basically I am From Bardoli A green City near Surat (INDIA) . 

Apart from My academics i have a lot more achievements in computers and as an managerial roll .Here is a list of few achievements that i have .

1. National Level Hindi Exams Cleared With First Class
3. General secretary At S.G. High School , Valod in 2012  (secondary Section )
4. General secretary At S.G. High School , Valod in 2014 (Higher Secondary )

Because of some  personal problem i leave management but don't worry i am going to start it again

Me with Sunny vaghela

sunny Vaghela - Indias Ranked 2 Hacker
How can I forget about my Blogs and websites

5.Created HackingWithHardip community with more the 500+ likers within 1 week . (I have to Stop it beacuse of some reason ) . 
6. Created Ragasclub with Sagar Agrawal
7. Speaker at Gandhismriti hall Surat @basiccomputerguidence
8. advisor at Unique computers private limited
9.Advisor at skyten cybercafe
10.Founder of HackHackers

Little bit about HackHackers :

HackHackers is a blog , Created by me . currently HacHackers have more then half millions + page views , 5100+ followers on facebook , 750+ subscriber.

have you noticed or not but i think HackHackers is my biggest achievement in my life .
Invite me to take seminar mail me hardip@hackhackers.com
Thank You ,